Tips in cleaning your ping pong table


If you are fond of playing table tennis, then you must know how to clean your ping pong equipment most especially your ping pong table if you wanted to have the most successful game that you could have using your table. Here is a step-by-step instruction on cleaning your ping pong table:

Step 1
Always make it a habit to wipe the surface of your ping pong table in order to keep your ping pong table free from dusts and dirt. If you are playing regularly then you must wipe your table regularly too.

Step 2
Visit your local department store and look for a mild and non-toxic cleaner for your ping pong table. Make sure that every three months you wipe your ping pong table with the solution in order to keep it tacky and leave the solution for about fifteen minutes only.

Step 3
The net should be removed from the table once you wiped it down using the solution because it might ruin the net. Look for a flat surface where you could let the net dry thoroughly. Check the table if it had been completely dried and from then on you can now install the net again.

Step 4
For the moving metals on the table, it is highly advisable that you put some oil to keep it working and functioning together. As much as possible, do not use beach-based cleaners because most of the ping pong table are made of wood and it would eventually ruin the table if you tend to use a beach-based cleaner. Just stick to the non-toxic and mild cleaner and use it regularly in order to assure that your ping pong table will maintain its shiny surface so that you will be able to enjoy your next game!