Protecting Your IMVU Free Credits


Having an IMVU account can be at risk at any time and aside from sharing your password with the people that you get closed with the game or even to random people, hackers will find a way to get through you account. It is important that you have assessed the style and the use of your computer to see if you are at risk for an IMVU Free Credits. Although it is not a 100% certain that your account is safe at all times because hackers are very keen when it comes to accounts that look like they can take advantage.


What accounts that are prone to credit theft?

VIP accounts- This is the top accounts that onlookers are wanting to get through an IMVU account. Why? Because VIP accounts can create items which give them the benefit to earn a profit with the items especially those creators who have reached the level of a “Pro Creator” which makes it very enticing to the eyes of a hacker.

Old Accounts from the year 2006 onwards- As much as these old accounts have been creating even without the VIP and Access Pass status, for sure it has reached to its maximum earnings which make the IMVU account rich in credits as well.

Don’t be a target to strangers that only does crime for their convenience. For you to protect your account from any credit theft, here are the following tips that you’d consider doing it for the sake of your account.

1. Logging on the same computer with the same password to other social media accounts- IT would be best for you to change your password once in a while to avoid any strange movements with your account. Furthermore, if you are using the same password to your other social media account is not advised as you would want to keep your account safe at all times.

2. Shared computers- If you are the type of person who likes to go out and connects your IMVU client to either at your friend’s place, at work or an internet cafe wherein there is a great possibility for an account to be hacked. As much as possible stick to one station wherein your IMVU account is safe.

3. Trusted sources- A random link which it turns out to be an IMVU credit hack coming from an unknown person is your greatest downfall if you ever click it.